20 Past Arts and Business Partnership Honorees Featured in Just 100



Last month, Forbes released The Just 100: Companies Leading the New Era of Responsible Capitalism. The fourth edition of the Just 100 features companies who understand the importance of how they treat five key stakeholders: workers, customers, communities, shareholders, and the environment.

Many of these businesses have also been recipients of the Arts and Business Partnership Awards (formerly the BCA10) for their use of the arts as a strategy to address these five areas. From using the arts to engage employees to creating vibrant communities, these companies have made remarkable use of the arts to demonstrate their commitment these stakeholders. With twenty past honorees on the 2021 list, Americans for the Arts is excited to congratulate the following companies:

1. Microsoft, 2013

6. JP Morgan Chase, Hall of Fame 1994

8. AT&T, Hall of Fame 1992

10. Adobe Systems, 2009

12. Bank of America, 2012 and Hall of Fame 2002

15. Target, Hall of Fame 1992

19. Procter & Gamble, 2016

23. General Mills, Hall of Fame 2001

37. Ford Motor Company, Hall of Fame 1999

43. PNC Financial Services, 2013, 2006

45. Johnson & Johnson, 2016

52. Humana Inc., 2017 and Hall of Fame 2007

53. Lockheed Martin, Hall of Fame 2005

61. Chevron, Hall of Fame 1992

65. VF, 2018

70. Deere & Company, 2005 and Hall of Fame 2014

72. Wells Fargo, 2005

75. MetLife, Hall of Fame, 1998

89. American Express, Hall of Fame 1992

90. 3M, 2011


*The Hall of Fame award was presented until 2016

About the Arts and Business Partnership Awards

The Arts & Business Partnership Awards recognizes businesses of all sizes for their exceptional involvement with the arts that enriches the workplace, enhances education, and transforms communities. Over the last 15 years, Americans for the Arts has recognized more than 150 companies for their support of the arts.

If you know of a company that engages in exemplary partnerships with the arts and would like to nominate them for an Arts and Business Partnership Award, please contact Danielle Iwata at [email protected].