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Inspired people bring creativity to work. Use this interactive tool to showcase employees, welcome new recruits to town, tell your company story, and highlight the artist in everyone.


Examples of the full-page pARTnership Movement ads To make it as simple as possible to promote the pARTnership Movement, we’ve created a series of ready-made ads that you can place in local newspapers and magazines, print in your own organization’s publications, or put on your website or social media accounts. Learn about easy and cost effective ways you can use the ads in our Using the pARTnership Movement Ad Campaign tool-kit.

The pARTnership movement ads are an easy way for businesses to show their support for the arts. Arts leaders can partner with local businesses to create a custom ad campaign while businesses can use them to recruit creative talent, communicate a creative culture, reach new customers, and enhance their brand.

Click below to download the ads in English. Contact us for Spanish versions.

Partners can use the pre-made ads by Americans for the Arts or use our [email protected] tool and create your own.


Show Us Your Creativity

All of us find inspiration somewhere. We invite you to make your own ‘ad’ and share your artistic inspiration. These can be used as an employee engagement tool with a company, celebrated and shared via social media, used as a way to welcome new business recruits to an arts community, sent around as a quick creativity break in the office, or planned as a coordinated ad campaign in your community or company. The suggestions in our toolkit, Use the pARTnership Movement Ad Campaign, can be translated here as well. We can’t wait to ready your stories!