COVID-19 Business/Arts Partnership Responses

Partnerships between businesses and the arts are always a place where innovation, growth, healing, inspiration, and productivity happens. This is especially true in a crisis. We know that arts and businesses sectors are stepping up to help each other and their communities. We’d like to know how!

It is critically important to gather stories as they evolve so that we may best respond to this emergency by providing relevant and timely resources. Please complete this simple form so that we can capture and quantify the impact of your partnerships on the arts field and the economy. With permission, we may share some of these stories in our advocacy efforts.


City, State, Zip
(some examples we’ve heard of are a winery donating $2/bottle sales to an emergency arts fund, or a law firm working with a local Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts to provide more labor/employment law consultation) Your example can be large or small! We’re looking for all the ways businesses and the arts are working together through this difficult time.
(human, supplies, cash, space, other)