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Want to infuse your company with creativity and inspire your employees? There are many ways to pARTner with the arts. Let's get you started.

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Businesses require new ideas to be at the forefront of the market. Fostering a work environment where employees reach their creative potential is key to unlocking the next big thing. The arts create a platform to generate ideas, invite employees to manifest their talent, and support a healthy company culture. Explore data, research, and tools to see what the arts can do for your business.


Programs for Business Leaders

Our programs convene business leaders to discuss and share ways their companies can benefit from partnering with the arts.

In 2020, our series Partnering Your Way To Success: Arts as a Solution to Corporate Objectives, features business leaders throughout the country sharing case-studies, and a roundtable discussion to explore how business leaders can realize business goals with creative strategies.

The Business Committee for the Arts

Business Committee for the ARts

Founded in 1967 by David Rockefeller, Business Committee for the Arts (BCA) encourages, inspires, and stimulates businesses to support the arts in the workplace, in education, and in the community. The BCA committee provides leadership on key initiatives including messaging, advocacy, and strategic alliances within the private sector community.

Member companies and their leadership serve as ambassadors for the mission and engage on key initiatives including messaging, advocacy, and strategic alliances within the private-sector community. With access to a community of likeminded companies and peers, the network is a catalyst for greater leverage of the arts to address broad business, community and social issues.


The Arts & Business Partnership Awards: Best Businesses pARTnering with the Arts in America

The Arts and Business Partnership Awards is a national recognition given annually to businesses that have mutually beneficial, innovative, and sustained partnerships with the arts. Each year, winners of this award are celebrated at The Arts and Business Partnership Awards Gala in New York City and become part of a network of like-minded businesses and leaders. These companies set the standard for excellence and serve as role models for others to follow. Americans for the Arts has honored companies across the nation, including Microsoft, Hallmark, Scholastic, and Walt Disney World Resort.

For outstanding contributions, we also honor an individual arts-champion with the Leadership Award and an extraordinary collaboration between a business and its arts partner is awarded the David Rockefeller pARTnership Award.

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Case-Making Tools

If you’re looking for quick references, examples of successful partnerships, or more in-depth reading as to why business/arts partnerships are good for employees, companies and the community, browse through these tools that can help make your case.

Employee Engagement Resources

Engaging business professionals and employees through the arts is key to fostering a desirable work environment, increasing efficiency and morale, and building the competitive advantage of a business. Our workbooks and resources provide practical approaches for bringing the arts into the workplace and engaging employees through creativity. Browse below to see how the arts can enliven your workplace.

Success Stories

Art Exhibitions Transforming Business Fronts

Montclair Center BID

Fresh Air Montclair Exhibitions was conceived as a way for local artists to express a message of solidarity and support.

United Airline Highlights Women in the Arts

United Airlines

Last year, United Airlines hosted Her Art Here to address the gender parity in the arts.


Arts & Business Across America

Americans for the Arts provides a wide variety of programming and professional development at the intersection of arts and business. Through our Private Sector Network, we train and serve the national field of arts leaders who seek to strengthen their partnerships with the business community. Through our Business Committee for the Arts we provide thought leadership, convening and engage in strategic partnerships to bring the arts into business. Learn more about the entire breadth of our work.

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