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Premier Bank (IA)
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Premier Banks on Employees

“We believe arts and culture not only improve our community’s broader economic outlook, but creates a welcoming sense of place and desirable quality of life.” Jeffrey Mozena, President and CEO, Premier Bank

Premier Bank in Dubuque, Iowa, a 2013 BCA 10 honoree, has found that its commitment to participation, education, and cultural enlightenment keeps employees engaged on an academic level and creates high employee retention. In fact, the bank’s employees devote hundreds of hours to help support nonprofit organizations which enhance the quality of life in the communities the company serves. Premier encourages this participation by challenging employees to meet a volunteer hour goal, which they all willingly surpass.

Since employee volunteerism reflects positively on the Premier Bank brand and helps contribute to the economic health of the local community, to applaud employees’ charitable efforts, Premier allows up to half of the volunteer hours to be used during the work day.


Premier takes great pride in the people who make the bank what it is and help the business develop strong ties to the community. In addition to rewarding civically minded employees with paid time off to volunteer, the bank also rewards employees for their work with opportunities to experience local arts events, many of which are sponsored by Premier. Since its inception 17 years ago, Premier Bank has allocated 40% of the company’s annual philanthropic budget to support arts and culture.


For example, employees and their families receive a 25% discount on yearly memberships to Matter Creative Center, which inspires artistic creativity through interactive exhibits and classes, and they are offered free passes to the center’s LEGO Building Lab. Employees and their guests also receive complimentary tickets to the Irish Hooley music festival and VOICES from the Warehouse District, a month-long art exhibition, among other arts and cultural events.


In addition, the bank displays several original artist collections along with local artists’ works inside it's branches for employees and customers to enjoy.

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