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Arrow Electronics (CO) - Thinking Ahead Through Arts and Technology
Arrow Electronics (CO)
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Thinking Ahead Through Arts and Technology

Founded in 1935, Arrow Electronics, a Fortune 150 Company serving 18,000 employees and more than 100,000 customers worldwide, sees corporate social responsibility initiatives as an integral part of its business strategy. The company focuses on the creation of programs and partnerships that strengthen its brand and reputation while enhancing the global community it serves. (Photo credit: The 2013 Cherry Creek Arts Festival, courtesy of Arrow Electronics.)


Arrow is known for being a leader in technology solutions. The Arrow brand “Five Years Out” is working at the peak of new technologies, aimed at innovators who think five years into the future. Five Years Out celebrates creativity and innovation and Arrow utilizes the arts to help illustrate this message. In 2013, Arrow commissioned Colorado Symphony Orchestra resident conductor Scott O’Neil to compose an original piece to be used as the company’s musical theme song in advertisements and on the website. “A-R-R-O-W” is depicted in musical notes throughout the piece, and the rhythm spells “arrow” in Morse code. See and hear the message in the video below.





Visual artists have also been inspired by the Five Years Out brand. Through Denver’s annual Cherry Creek Arts Festival, Arrow hosts the “Five Years Out Arrow Art Challenge,” which asks artists to create works that imagine the world five years into the future. In 2014, more than 120 artists  from around the world submitted proposals.; 7 finalists -- including one from China -- were selected to show their works at the festival in the Arrow “Innovators Club” tent. Artist Betsy Youngquist of Rockford, IL  was presented with a prize of $10,000 for her mixed media sculpture “Hero.”  In 2013, artist Stefan Begej was the top prize for his piece, “Innovation Engine.” His and other works are among an innovation-inspired collection of artwork displayed in the company’s offices around the world, including Arrow’s new headquarters in Centennial, CO. Artwork from past years of the Five Years Out Art Challenge can be seen here. (Photo credit: Scene from the the Arrow Zone at the 2013 Cherry Creek Arts Festival, courtesy of Arrow Electronics.)


”Arrow guides innovators forward every day,” said Richard Kylberg, vice president of marketing and communications.  “We believe that the arts and innovation in technology are intrinsically linked. At the same time, we want to help our partner organizations become more innovative. That’s why challenged the symphony to compose music and the arts festival to reach beyond its local boundaries to curate a global juried competition.”


When Arrow Electronics moved its headquarters from New York to Colorado in 2011, the company sought to build  relationships and a thriving community through the arts. True to the company mission, Arrow Electronics continues to convey its message through the arts to new audiences in exciting, innovative and untapped ways.

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