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DreamWorks Animation (CA) - Training the Next Generation of Animators
DreamWorks Animation (CA)
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Training the Next Generation of Animators

In 2008, The DreamWorks Animation Charitable Foundation, the philanthropic wing of DreamWorks Animation, established the DreamWorks Animation Academy at Inner-City Arts. Inner-City Arts is an arts education focused non-profit dedicated to improving the lives of inner-city children throughout Los Angeles County. The DreamWorks Animation Academy teaches third graders through high school students the fundamentals of animation, including zoetropes, flipbooks, hand and puppet animation, as well as drawing on film and pixilation. Each class creates an animated film together that is screened at festivals held at Inner-City Arts. According to former Inner-City Arts CEO Joseph Collins, since the program’s inception, 100% of the high school students participating have graduated high school, over 90% enrolled in college or post-secondary training, and over 40 students have begun careers in film, television, teaching, and the social sciences.


DreamWorks Animation provides Inner-City Arts students with the opportunities to partake in media arts field trips and internships at DreamWorks Animation. Students are offered first-hand looks at new animation demos and footage and are able to meet with the DreamWorks senior staff.


DreamWorks Animation CEO, Jeffrey Katzenberg, noted: “What we want is for the kids, as well as their parents, to understand that there’s a great career for them in the arts and they can make a great living.”


He also mentioned how the academy benefits DreamWorks employees, explaining: “It’s extremely rewarding for our employees and artists to participate. It’s not just about giving money and supplies, but putting real faces and people in front of students to tell them their stories and teach them.”


The support from DreamWorks Animation encourages young inner-city students to work creatively, develop teamwork and leadership skills, and build self-confidence. Collins stresses that the programs “provide more opportunities for students to explore their creativity, build portfolios, and learn skills that are valued in the 21st century workforce.”


Many of DreamWorks Animation’s employees studied and trained in the arts, indicating the importance of arts education in an innovative workforce. Supporting arts education demonstrates a commitment to nurturing creative individuals and providing a well-rounded education. The creative corporate culture of DreamWorks Animation is rooted in the education and creative growth of its current and future employees and consumers.

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