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Halekulani (HI) - Employee Enrichment in Paradise
Halekulani (HI)
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Employee Enrichment in Paradise

Globally-acclaimed and award-winning international luxury resort, Halekulani uses partnership, sponsorship, and collaboration to capture the attention of patrons, guests, and employees alike.


As an independent luxury hotel brand, Halekulani maintains its leadership role and commitment to brand values, as they relate to the arts, through strategic partnerships with the long-term goal of evolving their arts philanthropy from local to broader global community. They continually seek new arts partnerships to sustain robust and dedicated programming for their visitors.


Halekulani was transformed into a world-class luxury resort destination on Waikiki Beach in 1984, and has been recognized for setting new global levels of hospitality, service, standard excellence, in addition to growing into a local community leader in support of the arts and cultural institutions in Hawaii.


Halekulani promotes and supports arts and cultural partners as a means of giving back to the community in which it thrives, and has continually provided its guests and patrons with bespoke and unique experiences, through new and innovative programming. With their customized and distinctive “For You, Everything” arts and cultural initiative, which launched over twenty years ago, Halekulani offers seamless and complimentary special access for its hotel guests to Honolulu’s top art and culture institutions. The initiative boasts over 15 key on-going top partnerships and sponsorships including Hawaii International Film Festival (HIFF), Honolulu Museum of Art, Bishop Museum, Shangri-La (Doris Duke Estate), Hawaii Opera Theatre, and University of Hawaii Arts Department.


As a special by-product of its arts partnerships, Halekulani created an opportunity to initiate a company-wide Employee Enrichment Program for its staff and employees with key focus on employee education in arts and culture. The program provides complimentary access for its employees to arts venues and institutions including Honolulu Museum of Art, Hawaii International Film Festival, Hawaii Opera Theatre, and Hawaii Symphony Orchestra. The enrichment program is on-going and continues to evolve, to include educational seminars and events for employees related to the better understanding of art, music, film, and culture, working in concert with various of our arts partners. Employee assemblies highlight one or more arts and culture partners as a key agenda initiative.


Additionally, Halekulani features its very own dedicated public art gallery spaces on-site, curated by Halekulani/private collectors and accessible to all employees of the company, in addition to hotel guests, patrons, and the public.


The luxury hotel brand has used the arts to boost employee volunteerism, highlight team building and leadership via participation in a music education seminar, and reiterate messages via employee management assemblies highlighting the importance of arts in business success.


With the brand pillars of service, culture, quality and experience, and the commitment to engaging employees though arts initiatives, it is no surprise that Halekulani is a 2017 BCA 10 winner.

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