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VIDEO: Business Leaders Discuss Arts Partnerships

Posted by Jessica Gaines


Every year, Americans for the Arts, through its Business Committee for the Arts program and BCA 10 Award, recognizes 10 businesses of all sizes for their exceptional involvement with the arts that enriches the workplace and the community. These companies set the standard for excellence and serve as role models for others to follow. 


In this video, hear from business leaders on why the arts matter, how the arts have brought value to their communities, and why these businesses partner with the arts. This video supports the powerful message about how the art changes lives, helps people go beyond work to leave a legacy, and helps create traditions and new ways of achieving purpose.


The following BCA 10 winners are represented in the video via speakers and/or pARTnership projects:



Austin Energy

Auto Zone

Badger Meter

CopperPoint Insurance Companies


Dogfish Head Craft Brewery

Duke Energy

Dunlap Codding

Jorge Perez/The Related Group

M Powered Strategies

NV Energy




More information on the BCA 10 here.


Elevate the Work and the Walls

Posted by Jessica Gaines



When a company wants to say thanks and show appreciation to its employees, many companies consider office art competitions, corporate art collections, or staff-curated “The Best of Instagram” galleries for their break room. (Like 2016 BCA 10 winner’s employee Instagram wall above.)


Another way for a company to show that it cares and put creativity at the forefront of the work environment is by including art and creativity in the office design. Sounds easy! Let’s dive into some imaginative and inspired office looks:



Boldness and Distinction

Making a statement that sets a 

tone for the rest of the office

and work experience.









Photo: Courtesy Katz Interiors



Flexibility - Create areas that serve dual purposes (meeting areas or lounges) and by using less desks, can transition to spaces for future employees, contractors, interns, and more. Also, standing desks are begging to make your employees better thinkers!



Photo: Jasper Sandid



Greenery - Sometimes office creativity isn’t about crazy carpets and bright paint. Adding plant life as décor or even a living garden wall can amp up the employee engagement opportunities.




Photo: Franciso Nogueira


Sometimes office enhancements are as simple as unique and better lighting or hiring local artists to paint colorful murals. Anyone of these fresh looks are great ways to get employees and leadership in touch beyond the work. Employing artistic elements to establish an exceptional corporate culture and identity is a great way to elevate the work and the walls.


Top Photo: 2016 BCA 10 winner’s employee Instagram wall


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