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How the Arts can Solve Top Concerns of CEOs

Posted by Danielle Iwata
How the Arts can Solve Top Concerns of CEOs


CNBC reported on The Conference Board’s latest study, C-Suite Challenge 2019™, which lists the top three internal concerns for CEOs as the following:


1.       Attracting and retaining top talent

2.       Creating new business models due to disruptive technology

3.       Developing the next generation of leaders


If these concern you, you should try the arts.


Attracting and retaining top talent

The arts stimulate positive company culture and conversation, foster employee well-being, and inspire a healthier work environment through unique and meaningful experiences for human connection. Who wouldn’t want to work at an organization that encourages a positive work environment?


The Standard, a past BCA 10 honoree, has been using the arts to create organizational culture through a pop-up gallery that showcases employees’ visual and textile art, jewelry, and fashion pieces. The show was designed to break down barriers among departments, foster better relationships among co-workers, and encourage innovation in the workplace.


Outside of the office, the arts are essential to the development of a vibrant and diverse community in which the best employees want to live, work, shop, create, and contribute. Businesses and its leaders understand the value of the arts in enriching community life. 79% of companies surveyed in study Business Contributions to the Arts, conducted in partnership with The Conference Board, support the arts to improve the quality of life.


2018 BCA 10 winner Phillips 66 has been involved in its community as supporters of Houston Symphony as a leading corporate donor, and as a presenting sponsor of free performances at Miller Outdoor Theatre by Stages Repertory Theater. Greg Garland, CEO said the company “is proud to support the arts. Our communities are enriched by the arts, precisely because art touches and changes lives in ways that are positive and profound.”


Creating new business models due to disruptive technology

The arts reveal and enhance the breadth of talent and creativity among employees and teams by cultivating the creative thinking skills your business needs. Take CopperPoint Insurance. The company’s commitment to integrating the arts into its operational culture has created opportunities to think outside the box. Since 2007, CopperPoint has engaged in a “drawing out loud process” known as Graphic Facilitation which features the use of large-scale imagery to lead group discussions and literally draw the company’s annual goals and initiatives.


The arts foster inspiration, empathy, and leadership —all which establish a platform to innovate in an ever-evolving economy. At Hallmark, creative employees can take part in the my5days program, which leads to “new ways of thinking, personal inspiration, and growth.” Through workshops, gallery shows, and collaborations with nonprofits, Hallmark is giving its employees opportunities “to renew, explore, learn, and think differently about the world and work around them.”


The arts can work beyond helping employees develope creative solutions around new technology - particularly if art is part of the tech. Nokia Bell Labs has been collaborating with artists as part of its Experiments in Arts and Technology (E.A.T. Program). Working with New Museum's NEW INC and Stevens Institute of Technology, the company is exploring modes empathic communication in the latest technology. This partnership is not only trying to integrate a more beneficial human aspect to technologoy, but it is encouraging engineers and researches to look at their work from new persepctives.



Developing the next generation of leaders

According to Business Contributions to the Arts, 63 percent of companies promote board service at arts organizations. This data is supported by studies conducted by Korngold Consulting, which demonstrate that board experience creates stronger leaders, as summarized in this Forbes piece– Nonprofit Board Service Builds More Effective Business Leaders.


It’s no wonder that 2018 BCA 10 honoree Fifth Third Bank’s Teresa Tanner, chief administrative officer, was named Chair of ArtsWave’s Board of Directors last fall;  and the company has many other executives who serve on the boards of arts and cultural organizations, including the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, Cincinnati Art Museum, Cincinnati Ballet, and Cincinnati Shakespeare Company, as well as other arts organizations across its 10-state reach. ArtsWave even started a program, BOARDwayBound, which selects board candidates and current board members for a two-month professional development session. In a post in BizJournals, President and CEO Alecia Kintner noted “Arts board leadership is one of the top professional development tools Cincinnati’s corporate community uses to groom high-performing employees into future leadership.”


Suffice it to say, the arts are pretty powerful. They can have remarkable effects on employees, companies, and communities. But that's not all - check out our Arts + Social Impact Explorer to see how they intersect every aspect of our lives. So the next time you encounter an issue, consider using the arts.


Hear from the Business Leaders of the 2017 BCA 10: Best Businesses Partnering with the Arts

Posted by Jessica Gaines

Now that you have read about this year’s BCA 10 honorees, let’s take the time to meet the leaders. These business executives, representing a range of industries from hotels to healthcare to retail, are inspiring. Support them because they have allowed the arts to shine in their businesses and communities across the country.


















































































































































































For more infomation about the October 11th BCA 10 Gala visit


Meet the Business Leaders of the 2016 BCA 10 : Best Businesses Partnering with the Arts

Posted by Jessica Gaines
Meet the Business Leaders of the 2016 BCA 10 : Best Businesses Partnering with the Arts

Now that you have read about this year’s BCA 10 honorees, let’s take the time to meet their valiant leaders. These business executives, representing a range of industries from healthcare to energy to brewery, are visionary, expansive, and inspiring. We encourage you to tweet them, follow them, like them, and support them because they have allowed the arts to shine in their business spaces and communities across the country.


Austin Energy, Austin, TX


There is a transformational power in art. It has the power to create new experiences and to reveal commonalities between us all. Austin Energy views its support of the arts and its power in Austin as part of its ongoing role to better serve and sustain the community.” –Mark Dombroski, Interim General Manager


Badger Meter, Milwaukee, WI


We believe the arts improve our quality of life by offering important education opportunities for our children, boosting our economy and engaging diverse audiences in our local communities. We are honored to receive this national recognition for our role in supporting and promoting the arts,” –Richard A. Meeusen, Chairman, President and CEO


CopperPoint Insurance Companies, Phoenix, AZ


CopperPoint Insurance Companies understands that a vibrant arts sector attracts and sustains businesses and workers, which promotes economic development and cultural enrichment. Support of cultural, arts and educational organizations creates a well-balanced life experience for our employees, our customers, and our businesses.”

–Marc Schmittlein, President & CEO, Burlington, VT


" is uniquely committed to a culture of creativity, community involvement, and sustainability – it's been part of our organizational DNA since day one. Our close connection to the arts in Burlington has had a tremendously positive impact on the community and our company. We are very proud of the work we do to bring the community together through the arts and arts education." –Wayne Pastore, Senior Vice President of


Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, Milton, DE


Art is an essential component to good living, and we’re proud to support the people who are making Delaware a better place to live and work.” –Sam Calagione, Founder and President


Dunlap Codding, Oklahoma City, OK


"Arts and creativity organizations enrich us. By opening our doors to artists and creators, we gain immeasurable benefits. Together, we help foster a spirit of generosity, inclusiveness, and volunteerism throughout our communities. Our lives are richer for our connection to the arts and creativity organizations with which we are intertwined." –Douglas J. Sorocco, Director and Shareholder


Johnson & Johnson, New Brunswick, NJ


“At Johnson & Johnson, we believe that the arts play a critical role in creating healthy and vital communities. Our Corporate Art Program strives to foster a workplace that educates, engages and inspires. In our local community of New Brunswick, NJ, cultural programming has played a pivotal role in the city’s revitalization. We are honored to be recognized for this work.” –Alex Gorsky, Chairman and CEO



M Powered Strategies, Inc., Washington, DC

 “Exposure to the performing arts is part of being a well-rounded member of society. At M Powered Strategies, we support accessibility programs at the Shakespeare Theatre Company for service members, the hearing impaired, and young professionals. Everyone can benefit from experiencing live the brilliance and relevance of Shakespeare.”

–J. Kendall Lott, President


Northern Trust, Chicago, IL


At Northern Trust, we share our clients’ passion for the arts – and the spirit of giving back that is so deeply engrained in the performing arts community.”

–David Blowers, President



Procter & Gamble, Cincinnati, OH


Every day at P&G we strive to improve people’s lives with our brands and products, as well as improve the communities where we live and work. Supporting the arts produces ripple effects of benefits that help communities thrive and make them great places to live." –David Taylor, CEO


Hall of Fame:

Aetna, Hartford, CT


Aetna is committed to building healthy communities across the country, and to promoting a healthy lifestyle for everyone. The arts are an important part of enhancing the overall well-being of people and their communities, and we are honored to have the Business Committee for the Arts recognize Aetna’s leadership in this area.”

–Mark T. Bertolini, Chairman and CEO



Robert Buchsbaum, Blick Art Materials



I am honored to be named BCA’s 2016 Leadership Award honoree, in recognition of Blick’s long history of advocating for and supporting the arts. We look forward to continuing our support of the Arts Action Fund in creating opportunities for every American to participate in and appreciate the arts.”


For more infomation about the October 5th BCA 10 Gala, tickets, and sponsor opportunities visit


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