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Are you committed to expanding your professional skills and knowledge, as well as building relationships with the business community? Take advantage of Americans for the Arts’ webinar series and online learning.

Behind the Movement

The pARTnership Movement is an initiative from Americans for the Arts to reach business leaders with the message that partnering with the arts can build their competitive advantage. Americans for the Arts is the nation's leading nonprofit organization for advancing the arts in America.


The BCA Executive Board

Americans for the Arts’ private sector work is assisted by the support of the Business Committee for the Arts Executive Board, a group of key business leaders that provide insight and support on key initiatives including messaging, advocacy and strategic alliances within the private sector.

Private Sector Council

The Private Sector Council of Americans for the Arts provides advice and guidance on the design and execution of programs and services that advance private sector support for the arts in America. 

Use our existing pARTnership campaign in your area.

We’ve made getting the word out as turn-key as possible.


We’ve put together this "read me first" guide. It not only explains how to use the ads, but also how to leverage the campaign with op-ed ideas and social media extensions.


Plus, you’ll find great links to help you build strategic alliances with the various arts-affiliated people and organizations.


We also have the ads available in Spanish. Check them out here. To access the Spanish launguage ads, contact us.


Once you've had a chance to review the toolkit, click here to download the ads and let the partnerships begin!

Creative Industries Reports: Putting the Data to Work with Businesses

What is the most effective way to take data from the Creative Industries reports and turn it into a story appealing to the business community? This tool-kit has peer insights on the best ways to craft your message, along with information on how the arts sector has used the reports in local communities.


Hit the button above or click here to download.

Corporate Social Responsibility and the Arts: Partnering with Business to Enact Social Change

What is corporate social responsibility, and how can arts groups partner with businesses to achieve societal change, in addition to furthering the goals of a business and the mission of an organization?


Hit the button above or click here to download.

Arts & Economic Prosperity: Using the Report's Data to Strengthen Your Case to Businesses

Want to know the best ways to disseminate AEP IV data to businesses in your community? This tool-kit has hard data on the best ways to reach them, along with information on how the arts sector has used the report.


Hit the button above or click here to download.

Building partnerships with businesses in your area takes work. And, the right tools.

Remember, building business-arts partnerships is a two-way street. Which means we’ll not only prepare you for when a business calls -- but also help you reach businesses and make the compelling case why partnering with the arts is good business!


Sure, it’s our hope that the pARTnership Movement ads, PR and media campaign will get your switchboard ringing off the hook. But until it does, why just sit and wait by the phone? There are a number of successful strategies you can use – right now – to reach out to businesses in your area.


To help you get started, we’ve put together this helpful “how-to” primer. It’s chock full of smart ideas, media strategies and more to help you begin to establish local partnerships and explain the benefits of partnering with your arts group. Hit the button above or click here to download.

Creating pARTnerships with Small and Midsize Businesses

Did you know that in 2009, 69 percent of business support for the arts came from businesses with annual revenues of less than $1 million dollars and that another 24 percent came from businesses with less than $50 million in annual revenue? And that 56 percent of the surveyed companies reported that they’d never been asked to support an arts organization? * (The BCA Report: 2010 National Survey of Business Support for the Arts)


This tool-kit will show you how to tap into these opportunities and develop lasting and mutually beneficial partnerships with small and midsize businesses.


Hit the button above or click here to download.

Bringing the Arts into the Workplace

Arts organizations are partnering with businesses to help build employee engagement and enhance teamwork and combine right-brain imagination with left-brain logic. Learn how organizations across the country are making the case for arts-based training and creating new and innovative programs to work with businesses.


This tool-kit will show you how to tap into these opportunities and develop lasting and mutually beneficial partnerships.


Hit the button above or click here to download.

Working with Volunteers

Volunteers are a critical component of any arts organization. From ushers to fundraising, to pro-bono consulting and board service, volunteers expand the capacity of a nonprofit. Volunteers also create an entry point for establishing a relationship with businesses. While this tool-kit focuses on skills-based volunteering, much of the advice is applicable to all types of volunteers.


This tool-kit will provide information about how to more effectively engage skills-based volunteers.


Hit the button above or click here to download.

Employee Engagement and the Arts

Even in the current economy, businesses are still searching for innovative ways to recruit and retain employees. Programs that allow employees to bring their values to work are good investments. The arts are a wonderful catalyst that can help shift perceptions, embrace diversity, build team spirit, foster creative thinking and improve communication.


This tool-kit will provide information on how and why the arts help engage employees.


Hit the button above or click here to download.

Business Speak: Can We Talk?

Partnering with the business community no longer means just asking for money. Learn how to effectively talk to business leaders, marketing departments, human resource personnel and other decision makers within the business environment about how to develop mutually beneficial projects. 


This took-kit will provide information about how to engage and speak with business leaders regarding arts partnerships. 


Hit the button above or click here to download

Establishing a Business Volunteers for the Arts® Program

Businesses often promote volunteerism as one of the key elements of employee engagement. Arts organizations are looking for ways to increase involvement with skilled volunteers. This tool-kit focuses on how volunteer programs can make employees feel more engaged on the job, learn new skills or improve their existing skills, and increase interaction between junior and senior employees, and how we can bring this information into conversations with corporate partners about designing Business Volunteers for the Arts® programs.


Hit the button above or click here to download.

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