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Bring the pARTnership Movement to Your Community

Want to help your local arts community build its capacity to partner with the business community? Through our local pARTnership Movement workshop program, Americans for the Arts can come directly to you and your community to help you get started.


Whether your audience is artists, arts administrators, local business leaders, or a combination of all three, Americans for the Arts is ready and willing to lead a workshop in your community! Contact Jordan Shue for more information.

Americans for the Arts Webinars

Are you committed to expanding your professional skills and knowledge, as well as building relationships with the business community? Take advantage of Americans for the Arts’ webinar series and online learning.

The BCA Executive Board

Americans for the Arts’ private sector work is assisted by the support of the Business Committee for the Arts Executive Board, a group of business leaders that provide insight and support on key initiatives including messaging, advocacy and strategic alliances within the private sector.

Private Sector Council

The Private Sector Council of Americans for the Arts provides advice and guidance on the design and execution of programs and services that advance private sector support for the arts in America. 

Promote the Movement

Now that you know about the pARTnership Movement, what are the best ways to talk about what it is and promote its message to local businesses? Read this handy guide that outlines how to use the pARTnership Movement ads in local media, place articles and op-eds, get the word out through social media, build strategic alliances, and plan arts and business gatherings.

Place the Ads

To make it as simple as possible to promote the pARTnership Movement, we’ve created a series of ready-made ads that you can place in local newspapers and magazines, print in your own organization’s publications, or put on your website or social media accounts. Learn about easy and cost effective ways you can use the ads in our Using the pARTnership Movement Ad Campaign tool-kit.


Click here to download the ads in English. Contact us for Spanish versions.

Build Relationships

In addition to promoting the pARTnership Movement so business leaders begin receiving the message that the arts can build their competitive advantage, you can start cultivating individual relationships.


Building pARTnerships On Your Own: To help you get started, we’ve put together a helpful tool-kit on building partnerships. It’s chock full of smart ideas, media strategies and more to help you begin to establish local partnerships and explain the benefits of partnering with your arts group.


Business Speak: In this tool-kit, learn how to effectively talk to business leaders, marketing departments, human resource personnel and other decision makers within the business environment about how to develop mutually beneficial projects. 


Creating pARTnerships with Small and Midsize Businesses: Did you know that in 2009, 69 percent of business support for the arts came from businesses with annual revenues of less than $1 million dollars? In this tool-kit, you’ll learn how to leverage that support.


Using Research to Make Your Case: Oftentimes, numbers speak the loudest. Check out our tool-kits on using Americans for the Arts Creative Industries and Arts & Economic Prosperity reports to make your case for support. You can also read our BCA Survey of Business Support for the Arts to understand the trends and patterns of how and why businesses support the arts.


Corporate Social Responsibility and the Arts: In this tool-kit, learn what corporate social responsibility is, and how arts groups can partner with businesses to achieve societal change, in addition to furthering the goals of a business and the mission of an organization.


Engaging Employee Resource Groups: What are employee resource groups, and how can the arts community partner with them as a primer to developing deeper, more strategic, and longer lasting relationships with businesses? This tool-kit outlines the basic tenets of employee resources groups, and provides tips and examples for collaborative programming.


Chambers of Commerce: How does your mission align with that of your local chamber of commerce, and how can you partner to benefit the arts, business, and community development sectors? This tool-kit, based off of interviews with several practitioners in the field, examines how your peers have formed working relationships with their local chambers, and outlines concrete steps and tips for doing the same in your community.


Consider partnering with businesses to advocate for public funding and support for the arts. In this tool-kit, state arts advocacy organizations from Americans for the Arts State Arts Action Network share tips, tools, and best practices for partnering with the private sector to advance public sector policy and funding.

Design Collaborations

Now that you’ve got the relationships in place, what are the best programs and collaborations to propose that are mutually beneficial to both arts and business?


Employee Engagement and the Arts: Businesses are always searching for innovative ways to recruit and retain employees. Programs that engage employees through the arts are a wonderful catalyst that can help shift perceptions, embrace diversity, build team spirit, foster creative thinking, and improve communication. For in-depth start-up workbooks from organizations that run successful employee engagement programs around the country, visit Americans for the Arts' Employee Engagement page.


Bringing the Arts into the Workplace: Learn how arts organizations across the country are making the case for arts-based training and creating new and innovative programs to work with businesses.


Working with Volunteers: Volunteers create an entry point for establishing a relationship with businesses. This tool-kit focuses on skills-based volunteering. If you’re interested in investing more deeply in this type of program, check out our tool-kit on establishing a Business Volunteers for the Arts® program.

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