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The BCA Survey of Business Support for the Arts

The BCA Survey of Business Support for the Arts is the nation’s largest survey of its kind, delving beyond pure numbers into the motivations behind and goals of business partnerships with the arts. The specific findings from the survey are used to project national trends in support for the arts by businesses large and small across our nation. The study acts as a resource for current and potential funders of the arts, and for local advocacy organizations to encourage increased partnership between the business community and the arts. BCA has conducted the survey since 1968. Click here to download the survey.

Survey Methodology

Shugoll Research conducts a triennial survey, The BCA Survey of Business Support for the Arts, for the Business Committee for the Arts (BCA), a Division of Americans for the Arts. This is a presentation of key 2013 findings.

A total of 600 businesses completed telephone surveys that averaged just under 15 minutes in length. The businesses are divided equally into three revenue size groups, under $1 million, between $1 million and $49.9 million and $50 million and over. The study is believed to be the only major arts giving survey that includes small businesses. This year the study broke the larger business segment into $50 million to $499.9 million and $500 million and up, ensuring at least 50 interviews in each category.

Total business giving trends are based on median contributions within each size category. The data are weighted to reflect the approximate number of businesses in each size category based on the 2007 Economic Census, the most recent data available.

Press Release

Download the press release about the BCA National Survey of Business Support for the Arts.


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